“A Clean Vessel Fitted For The Master’s Use”

“A clean vessel fitted for the Master’s use”

– Daisy Swanson

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A Christians life should be nothing but a visible representation of Christ. Every true believer is an ambassador for Christ II Cor. 5:20 (We are Christ’s ambassadors). Ambassadors never have a day off! Regardless of where they go or what they do, twenty-four hours a day they are representing their country. Everything they do and say reflects back upon the nation they are representing. In order to serve their country, they have forfeited certain freedoms and assumed certain responsibilities.

As Christians we are walking, talking, twenty-four hour a day representative of the King of Kings. Whether or not you open your mouth, you are communicating volumes about your Savior- by your actions and attitudes.

It is not for us to be seen; we are just the VESSEL. The most important thing is that Christ is seen and that Christ gets the glory. It is too bad when Christian workers make the VESSEL more important than the treasure of the one they represent and the treasure of the GOSPEL.